Seven Best Practices for Free Online College

For those who could not get a college degree, the online university course is a way to measure people with today’s degree. Many people can not attend university. Inadequate finance, the need to get job right away, bad scores are only a few things. Nonetheless, it is difficult to argue that it is against the importance and benefits of college degrees, or some college units under your belt.

First of all, it turns out that college graduates are at a much lower risk of unemployment. Second, college degrees and some college units will also make people more qualified to get a job. Third, a certain level of university education also brings prompt promotion. More than anything, taking a college degree or an online college course potentially extends the range of salary.

In short, when you complete a college degree or online college course, the value of your resume is added. Ten years ago, I could not get a degree online or register for a free online course. But with the advent of technology and the Internet, now you can take your resume and raise its value to several notches. So, what is the site that provides real online college course / free online course, what will lead to real career and money? Below is the most reliable online site offering exceptional courses with little or no free.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a variety of free online courses. These courses include mathematics (from K 2 to differentiation methods), chemistry, astronomy, art, science, biology, humanities, computer programming. Founded in 2006, Khan Academy is a non-profit educational institution founded by Salman Kahn and offers world-class education accessible to anyone in the world.

2. Better money habits

If your aim is to learn more about personal finance, this partnership between Kahn Academy and Bank of America is your choice. Through this partnership, better money has come to different ways to help people learn about personal financial management. That is to lay out the facts so that people can decide what they mean for a particular situation.

3. Udemy

Udemy has over 40,000 online courses. Some of these courses are completely free, and the other courses have very reasonable fees. Udemy focuses on photography, IT and software, academic, health, marketing, design, teacher training, language. Currently, Udemy’s course is not certified as a university unit. Students mainly take courses as a means to improve work related skills. But their courses are very well prepared and high quality so they will be better than any course of online college you may find there. Several courses are included in the technical certification. In fact, Udemy made a special effort to attract trainers from companies trying to create lessons for corporate employees.

4. Cuscea

Coursera has tied up with universities and various organizations to provide high quality contents at university level to enthusiastic learners around the world. In Coursera you can conduct short interactive quizzes and short video lectures and peer ratings of 846 courses. Coursera is free, but you can pay to get a certificate certified for your work. In Koala, we offer physical engineering, anthropology, social science, medicine, anthropology, business, biology, computer science, digital marketing, data science and many other subjects.

5.Skill share

Unlike traditional classes instructed by teachers, these online classes are taught by industry experts, which focus on learning and explained as online communities that master real-world skills through project-based classes It has been. These topics include architecture, animation, photo retouching, business development, baking, copywriting, blogging, public speaking, engineering, fashion illustration, and jewelry design. Courses related to computer software such as Adobe products, Excel, Javascript, Final Cut, WordPress etc are also available. Courses can be used for free but there is a 1 hour / month usage restriction. For $ 9.99 per month, unlimited video access is possible without advertisement.

6. MIT Open Course Ware

MIT OpenCourseWare, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), aimed to make all teaching materials of undergraduate and graduate level courses online, openly and openly available to everyone. MIT Open Course Ware is a large web-based publication of MIT course material.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s free online courses include business, engineering, energy, health and medicine, social science, humanities, mathematics, art, teaching training.

7. edX

edX is a large open online course (MOOC) provider. In addition to organizing online college-level courses in a wide range of world-wide student organizations, it also includes several courses for free and studies learning based on how people use the platform doing. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University are planning to offer courses on more than 70 schools, nonprofit organizations, companies edX website. Equally importantly, as of March 24, 2016 edX has more than 700 students taking over 700 courses online.

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